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Clayton Homes is a nationwide modular and prefabricated home company that is truly proud to be offering their collection of homes to American families.  Recognizing that modular homes are developing better and better standards and safety practices, Clayton is constantly changing to reflect the best in the industry. Also aware of the ever changing style preferences and expectations of their growing client base, they have homes and floor plans that fit the needs of nearly any home buyer. The parent company of several labels, Clayton has been building modular homes since 1934, and has been voted manufacturer of the year six years running by industry peers and collegues. 

Dedicated to providing customers with the very best the industry can offer, Clayton stands firmly behind their motto, “We build dreams” to make your experience one that both of you can be proud to be a part of when all is said and done. As the top retailer of factory built homes, they build, sell, lease, finance, and insure mobile homes so that they can make buying a home from them as complete and positive as possible.  Clayton Homes feels that customer satisfaction is a must, and their affordable prices are a reflection of that concept.

Operating in 49 of the 50 states in the country, and featuring award winning floor plans, Clayton Modular Homes are ready to make your dreams of home ownership a reality.  Their variety of home and floor plans cover three nationwide regions to fit needs based on environmental and area needs.  With more than 500 adaptable and distinct floor plans, Clayton Homes has a home for nearly any family need.  With home plans showcasing up to four bedrooms and up to three bathrooms, these modular and manufactured homes will exceed your accommodation expectations.  

Clayton Homes is expanding their availability scope on a continual basis.  Their dealership is growing, with approximately 1,100 retailers and 32 manufacturing plants from Oregon to North Carolina.  Most importantly, Clayton Homes is constantly making thier nearly 290,000 clients happy, and are working to ensure that that number is constantly getting better.  Clayton Homes wants to make sure your modular home experience is a good one, and does all they can to make that happen.  Check to see if the region you are interested in is part of their serviceable market areas.


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