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The Art of Finding Charming Baby Gifts

Wonderful gifts for infants can be homemade or store-purchased, conventional or imaginative. Any new mommy and daddy will admire stylish baby stuff that is exceptional, of value and sensitive. offers unique baby gift ideas for all celebrations.

Ideas to Find the Perfect Baby Gift:
  • Ask the new mom & dad directly or ask one of their close friends and family for the things they may desire for their newborn's upcoming arrival.

  • Refer to your own experience as a parent (or ask a person you are acquainted with who has children): What baby products couldn't you live without throughout the child's first year? Some of the baby products that parents appreciate receiving are baby cashmere blankets, baby clothes and baby bedding sets . Bliss Living's luxurious cashmere baby blankets are made with ultra-fine natural fiber, offering your baby the ultimate softness, warmth and breathability. Celebrities such as Courtney Cox uses our Cashmere blanket to swaddle her baby (as seen in InStyle Magazine) and it was recently recommended on the NBC Morning Show.

  • If it's close to the holiday season, consider getting a Christmas gift for baby. One idea is a Red Stocking Ornament. Using original hand-painted designs, each 6" oval ornament comes with free personalization, and is individually hand-finished with your child's name. Another ideas is Baby's 1st Christmas Everyday Plate. Using original hand-painted designs, each 8 ¼” plate comes with free personalization. The original artwork is heat-sealed into each plate, ensuring a high-quality finish, and a long lasting keepsake. The plates can be eaten off, but are not dishwasher safe. There are many other baby gifts for Christmas at Bliss Living.

  • Find out the wishes of the new parents. Do they want wooden wall hanging letters to decorate their baby's nursery, a newborn Moses basket or a baby diaper bag? Celebrity moms particularly love personalized baby gifts. Look into a monogrammed onesies, baby fleece blankets or a baby nursery room wall art with the infant's name. Bliss Living offers fleece blankets that are warm and soft to the touch, they also work wonders on removing moisture away from your baby's body, reducing baby redness and irritation that often go hand in hand with teething and diaper rash.

  • One classic baby gift is a wooden rocking horse. This gift can be a heirloom keepsake for many years. Consider Prince Mini Rocking Chair - your child will love our rocker chairs - an imaginative combination of rocking horse and rocking chair. Beautifully hand-crafted with playful designs, exquisite hand painting, and attention to quality and detail. This hand-decorated wooden “heirlooms-to-be” will surely delight your favorite child!

  • New parents particularly love baby gift ideas for their nursery room decor. Think about baby's nursery decoration particulars such as "Ballerina Butterfly - Ballet Slippers" nursery framed wall art or a personalized growth chart. Personalized children's art is also very thoughtful. The personalized "My Name is" Boy Canvas Art" by Donna Ingemanson of Oopsy Daisy is extremely popular. Baby's nursery is especially extraordinary and so parents are likely to contribute a little bit additional energy beautifying the infant's room.

  • If you are interested in a gift for the baby's nursery, find out from the new parents what baby room theme they are thinking about for the baby room. The "Once Upon a Time" canvas mural banner, "Rocket Man" growth chart and additional newborn's room design ideas ought to correlate with the theme that the mom and dad are thinking about for the nursery. Kid's carpet are great for brightening a child's room. Bliss Living offers the "Playful Footprint" rug. Fun footprints lead through the mixture of patterns and colors will tempt children to hop and skip. Made of Japanese acrylic yarn with cloth backing. Beautiful for children's room or baby nursery decor.

  • To really wow the new parents and stand out from the other baby shower presents, giving a baby gift basket is the secret. You will find all sorts of creative arrangements that cater to infant girl, newborn boy or twins. For gift for baby boy, the "Baby Pizza Lover Gift Set" is very cute. For gift for baby girl, pick the "Plush Hooded Bunny Coat Gift Set".

  • Evaluate your spending budgets. If you do not want to spend much more than 50 dollars, consider baby toy, burp cloth set with alphabet, or delicate super soft plush velour baby blanket. Bliss Living's Essential Baby Blanket is made with plush velour - super soft for your baby's skin. Blanket measures 24" X 35" and features raised plush dots on the front and vintage-styled feather stitching.

  • A designer baby gift is a Poodles Moses basket. Useful and stylish, Moses baskets are a sweet "first bed" for a baby. A Moses basket is appropriate for newborns to 20 lbs or 4 months old. When baby outgrows the basket, great for use it as a place for storing stuffed animals or linens.

  • If you can't think of what gift to purchase, you can never make a mistake by giving a baby gift certificate from Bliss Living. The new mom and dad are going to have a good time purchasing with your wonderful idea.

  • When the gender of the kid is unknown, opt for gender-neutral tones such as orange, cream and green.

    Please visit Bliss Living Baby Gifts and Nursery Decor for all you and your newborn product ideas.
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