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When it comes to building your modular home, there are numerous modular home plans available, something for every taste and budget. Modular homes these days are no longer mass produced cookie cutter homes, but are now built using just about any plan you could possibly want. Just a few examples of the different home styles available; Beach homes, Victorian homes, Luxury homes, Universal, and Contemporary homes.

Beach homes have a style all their own. One distinguishing feature about the Beach modular home plan is that the home is perched on stilts, providing some protection against large waves that might rush ashore. Coastal home plans also have the building built on wood or cement posts. These homes usually have panoramic windows and outdoor living spaces so as to take in the beautiful view. If you're looking for a beautiful home for a coastal vacation or for your permanent beach house, a beach style floor plan is right for you.

Victorian style home plans are taken from the Queen Anne style of the late Victorian period (1870-1900.) Victorian plans reflect elaborate detail like "gingerbread" ornamentation, fishscale shingles, oval glass front doors, turrets and towers, intricate porches, and sometimes even vibrant colors. A Victorian home is ideal for the romantic.

Luxury homes are just what they sound like, living spaces with all the luxuries you can imagine. Luxury modular home floor plans come in many styles including; elegant estates and large country mansions all with elaborate floor plans. In a Luxury home you'll find gourmet kitchens, home theaters, and spacious master suites. Outside you'll find entertaining areas, covered patios and decks, and gorgeous verandas surrounding cool pools. If your budget allows, a luxury home is the way to go.

Another popular home plan is the Universal Design plan. The idea behind Universal Design is that accessible features are located to benefit mot people in the home. For example, electrical outlets are placed higher up so that physically challenged individuals can reach them and others don't have to bend down so far to reach them. Other features include sloping walkways, wider doorways, lever-style hardware, interior passages, and convenient heights for thermostats and light switches. The goal of the Universal home is to make a house that is convenient for the widest range of individuals.

Contemporary homes are still another of the popular modular home plans available. A Pure contemporary has eye-catching features like asymmetrical design, flat roofs or multi-leveled roof lines, silo-like towers, vertical siding, and little ornamentation. If you want something vibrant and different from the other homes in your neighborhood, contemporary home plans may be right for you.

This is article lists just a few of the most popular home plans. Your options really are practically endless. Click the link below to see some of the many wonderful home plans that are available today.

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