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"5 Suggestions to Revitalize You and Your Sweetheart's Connection"

by Susie and Otto Collins, Relationship Coaches

Whether two people have been together for six months or sixty years, there are
always things they can do to revitalize and renew their love and connection.

It doesn't matter if you and your loved one desire dating tips and dating advice
or marriage advice, any of these suggestions can help your enjoyment and connection.

1. If you would like to keep your relationship vivacious and flourishing, you have
to determine that the connection is important and provide the time and attention it needs.
It will make no difference the things you and your sweetheart say about your relationship.
Your actions are what you really intend.

Suggestion: View your actions in you and your sweetheart's relationship and decide
whether your actions are consistent with what your intentions are for the relationship.
Are you and your sweetheart giving enough time and vigor on the relationship? Are you
and your loved one looking for romantic ideas to add spice to your connection?

2. Scrutinize the things you adore concerning your loved one over what you do not like.
We genuinely do get more of what things we focus on. If you and your loved one would
like to stop jealousy, infidelity, affairs, a broken heart, and potentially divorce, start
centering your thoughts on what is wonderful in your relationship and not on the unfavorable.

Suggestion: Close your mouth as you pick apart your loved one, with words or even in
your mind. Convert your thinking to what things you like concerning your loved one
and start to see how your connection becomes better.

3. Express gratitude for others and express that you love them. You and your loved one
may be believing that you should tell each other how thankful you are for each other and
just have not set aside the time or energy to express gratitude. We urge you to make a
habit of articulating gratitude.

Suggestion: Think of what things someone special continually does for you or what
they mean to you and communicate gratefulness about it to them. It might be something
as simple as "You have beautiful eyes" or "Thank you for putting the children to bed."

4. State the things you desire. Most people expect their partners to be mind readers.
If you and your loved one are expecting each other to be psychics, you will probably
experience a painful ride. If you desire your basic needs to be satisfied, you have to
verbalize to your sweetheart exactly what these needs could be.

Tip: Exactly what have you been waiting to express to your loved one? Whether it's a
wish to have more out to dinner dates, more romance, or more assistance with the food
preparation or cleanup, the only to received what you need is to verbalize your needs.

5. Be willing to risk giving your heart and soul, even if you have had a breakup or divorce,
and permit your sweetheart into your heart and soul. We can be in a relationship with
someone for many years and still disallow another human to encroach on the high wall
erected to protect our heart and soul.

Tip: Determine what walls you and your loved one have assembled to prevent each other
from coming in. Start opening to your loved one in one way that haven't done before.

These relationship tips are generated with the belief that you and your significant other
will use them to create connections that are enjoyable, alive and developing.

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